PsXXYborg an experimental dual-screen FMV "gamestallation" that promises the player digital immortality!  It has been

housed in a van, a tent and a cardboard box.

By taking one player at a time, PsXXYborg subjects its users to an absurdist psychology test, designed for complex

consciousness mapping. 

The promise of PsXXYborg's leader, Peter, of a perfect life in the digital infinite Nous propels the player forward until

a replica has been completed and they are rejected by the system as a "worthless meat sack", insufficient for further

data collection.

PsXXYborg was made possible thanks to the generosity of Feminists in Games (FiG) and the OCADU game:play



Emma Westecott:

Alex Leitch:

Sagan Yee: 

Hannah Epstein: